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How to Post your Auction

Posting an auction is simple if you have everything prepared before you begin.

Here's what you need:

  1. A short but well-written description of your item. No more than a couple of paragraphs at most. Be honest, exaggerations and embellishments will only come back to haunt you and can ruin your reputation as a mBay seller. Bidders are smart, and if they cannot trust your descriptions, they will soon spot it and look elsewhere.
  2. Get some good pictures, use your mobile phone. Three or four from different angles are best. Select which one will be your first picture.
  3. Decide when you want your auction to end. This can be a tricky choice - too short, and you may lose bids, too long, and people won't wait around to see the results. A week or maybe two is recommended. You can always relist it if it does not sell. Hot tip: If you get no bids and have to re-list your auction, consider a lower starting price, if you have one at all. You could be brave and start at zero - that's a sure way of getting a winner!
  4. Think about a minimum starting price. This ensures your item will not go for too much below what you think it's worth. But don't set it too high either, bidders needs 'wriggle room'. A good middle-ground might be 50% of what you finally hope to get for it. You don't have to have a minimum price. Items that start at zero will often attract the most bids. The choice is yours.
  5. Consider a 'Buy Now' price. Once again, this is not obligatory - you choose. It is interesting to note that once bidding gets very near your buy-now price, the system automatically removes the buy-now facility. This ensures you continue to get the best bid possible. Bidders should take note that if the bidding is getting close to the buy-now price, they should take advantage of it as soon as possible before the facility disappears.
  6. Okay - you're Ready - Login - click Auctions on your dashboard side-menu, then 'Add Auction'.
  7. Essential: Fill in the form carefully. When all is to your liking, click the Create Auction button at the bottom of the page. Your auction is immediately live, and bidders can view it throughout the website.
  8. Optional Editing - if you make a mistake you can always come back at any time to view, edit or even delete the auction on the 'My Auctions' page of your dashboard control centre.
  9. Please note auctions cannot be deleted when they are within 48 hours of finishing. If you must cancel an auction, do it before that time.