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Registration, Login and Dashboard

This is the next step of getting familiar with mBay.

If you are only browsing the auctions, there is no requirement to register or login. You can 'mooch around' to your heart's content, checking out all the auctions and articles. But if you want to start an auction of your own, or bid on somebody else's, then the system needs to know who you are. If not, it will never be able to identify who bids on what :)

→ Registration

This is quick and simple. You do not need to be 'approved' by the system - we trust you! If people misbehave, initially they are cautioned, and their error explained. Subsequent 'offences' rapidly incur banishment - and they are no longer allowed to login and take part. It's a very efficient system!

→ Login & Privacy

You only need to register once. After that, you just need to log in. mBay.es will NEVER divulge your registration data to anybody - with the sole exception of your name, email and contact phone number if you are a successful seller or bidder - and then only between the seller and auction winner so they can contact each other to arrange payment and item transfer.

→ Your Dashboard

Once you are logged in you can post auctions and bid on anybody else's.

Also, you get your very own private control panel or Dashboard. This allows you to privately:

  • Keep track of and edit/update all your auctions
  • Keep track of all your bids on other auctions
  • Change your contact details (known as your profile)
  • Change your password
  • Securely log out of the system

Find out full details of this handy area by looking at the article: Your Control Panel - Dashboard