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The mBay.es Pledge

Our pledge system is at the very heart of what we are trying to achieve. It's the essential 'pump' which keeps the whole thing going. It's the seat of goodwill helping us all to do 'our bit' for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Here's how it works.

Successful sellers make income from items they place on mBay.es. They get some small amount of extra cash, (sometimes a significant amount!) from things they would otherwise have hanging about, cluttering up the place or being generally unwanted and unneeded. Any extra income gained from an auction comes with little effort since the mBay system makes it easy and provides a great local market place. mBay.es is a strictly not-for-profit enterprise - we take no cut, commission or fees from sellers, advertisers, nor anybody else. Usually, some cost is standard at nearly every auction, be it a website or real-world. We ask for none, not even for overheads. Our helpers and administrators are local volunteers who volunteer their work for free. 

All we ask is:

If you have a successful outcome to your auction, set aside a small part of what you receive to help one of our locally supported charities. How much is entirely up to you. If you need a guide, maybe something around 10% would seem to be fair. After all, if you get 30 euros for something that you wanted to get rid of, then three euros would seem a small amount to pass on to those less fortunate and who are often in desperate need. You still enjoy the lion's share of the income.

Making good on your pledge:

You will receive a link by email when your auction is successful.  Click it and visit our charities page. Here you choose which charity you want to support and donate any amount you feel you can afford. The choice of charity and the amount is entirely yours.

Would you like to help us?

Pass the word to all your friends about mBay.es Let them know how they too can contribute by selling off unwanted items and passing on a small proportion to their chosen charity. All sellers and bidders are local to the island of Mallorca - so are all the charities we support.

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