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Here's what you do

  1. Before you even start doing anything online, get your information prepared offline.
    1. Write out your title in your own language
    2. Write under that the Title in any of the other two languages (both is best).
    3. Do the same for the Description - a text for each language
    4. Translation using Google is probably the easiest and simplest to use - https://translate.google.com/
    5. Find a nice photo (or take one with your mobile phone) ensuring it shows your item off at it's best. You can several photos if you wish.
    6. Finally, decide on your:
      1. Decide on a category
      2. Auction duration - 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21 or 28 days.
      3. If you are setting a start price - if not, enter zero
      4. If you are setting a Buy Now price (optional) and if so, how much?
  2. You are now fully prepared with all the information you need and can calmly add your auction without having to scurry about finding stuff halfway through - never a good idea, and a sure way to make mistakes.
  3. Log in, go to your control panel and choose to add an auction from the menu of items on the left.
  4. Fill in all the form boxes AND…
    1. If you add your action in only one language, that's the one that appears for everybody looking at your item.
    2. Use Google translation to add all three languages to take full benefit of the mBay.es system.
    3. One point to watch out for - the Title and Description tabs are independent of each other - you can select English in the Title tab whilst Spanish is selected for the description.
    4. When you are done, just click both the Title and Description tabs in all languages to ENSURE you have the right language in the correct tab.
    5. Remember to check all tabs in BOTH the Title and Description boxes.
    6. All the rest of the information you add is language independent so there is no need for any more tabs or multiple entries in those boxes
    7. Make sure you have uploaded your picture(s) and you are done.
    8. Press the Submit button and your auction is live on the Internet - in three languages.

Good luck!