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Quick Start - the 4-step tango!

1) On mBay.es you can be:

  • a Seller - somebody who has an item which they want to auction to others
  • a Bidder - somebody who places one or more bids on items listed by sellers
  • both - setting up your own auctions and also placing bids on other people's auctions.

2) Registration & Logging in:

Whatever you choose to do, the system needs to know who you are. For this, you need to Register, which is a one-time job. After that, you use the details you registered with to log in every time you add an auction or make a bid.

This is the ONLY information which is retained, and it is NEVER given to anybody else, except at the end of the auction, when only sellers and winning bidders get each other's minimum contact details so they can arrange payment and exchange of the auction item. Other than that, we use indications of user names on the bidding lists, most letters are starred-out. John Doe will appear as Jo** D**. This helps when spotting who is bidding on an item without releasing their private information.

3) Bidding & Winning:

Once registered and logged into the system, you can bid on any auction. The bidder who wins is the one with the highest bid when the auction time runs out. Simple! As you can read more in other more detailed articles in this section, there are quite a few other subtleties built-in - like 'Buy Now', 'Anti-Sniping' and a whole lot of other stuff - but you can read these later if you need to.

4) Wrapping Up:

At the end of a successful auction:

  • The seller and highest bidder each get an email passing minimal information about each other so they can get in contact. This is usually just emails and telephone contact numbers - nothing else.
  • They contact each other and arrange the item handover at a mutually agreed date, time and place. It's up to them.
  • They meet as arranged, and the item is transferred and the payment made.
  • There is no commission, payment nor involvement by mBay.es whatsoever.
  • We ask the successful seller to pledge a small amount of their auction income to their choice of our selected local charities. This is an honesty-based system, and we have sufficient belief in the goodness of our local community they will honour their pledges.

That's it!

Briefly, that's how it all works. You now know enough to launch yourself onto mBay.es:

  • Register then login
  • Sell off your unwanted 'stuff'.
  • Pick up a bargain or two by some nifty bidding
  • Help give essential support to local charities with a small contribution each time.

Thank you for your support!

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