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The Auction Process :

Every effort has been made by the programmers and developers to make the bidding and auction process as straight forward as possible. However, as can be seen from the behind-the-scenes planning schematic above (actually used in the building of this website), achieving that can be complex. For Bidders, life is relatively simple but Sellers have quite a few options. This article lays out the process so that it is easier to understand.


Bidding is very easy - register or login, go to whatever item interests you, enter an amount and click the green bid button. The auction may offer the possibility of short-circuiting the bidding by pressing the Buy Now button and paying the sellers price. Buy Now buttons are not always there, they are at the discretion of the seller. There just a few more things you need to know about bidding:

  1. You cannot bid on your own auction - thereby forcing up the price for other bidders. That's not fair!
  2. Once you bid, should you win, you are expected to go through the transaction with the seller. Those that ‘drop out’ and don't complete will be excluded from further auctions.
  3. Late bidding (sniping) is prevented by the system. See this link here.


Auctioning an item presents you with quite a few different options. You don't need to know the system, it's automatic but, for the curious, the schematic above gives a good idea how it all works. Keep an eye on your Auction list in your Dashboard, and especially on the Auction Status column. This will keep you up to date on how each of your actions is progressing.

Please note:

An auction does not have to have a:

  1. Buy Now option - if you don't want one, leave that item blank.
  2. Minimum start bid - again, if you don't want one, leave that item blank. Bids on that auction will start from zero.