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Your Watch List :

Knowing when and how to bid is important. But with so many items coming and going all the time, keeping you eye on what is interesting to you can be hard to do. mBay.es has a solution for you. It is called your Watch List.

When you are logged in, underneath every auction item appears a new button called Watchlist. Just before that word appears a small plus sign. Click on it and two things happen. 

  1. It is added to your own personal list of items shown in the My Watch List dropdown box. Click on that and you will see a list of all the items you are watching. Click on an item in the list and you go straight to that auction. Simple, slick and efficient.
  2. Clicking that plus sign changes it to a minus sign. Click the minus sign and it goes back to a plus again - taking the item off your watchlist.

Now it's easy to keep an eye on what you want to watch!