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Making a Complaint

Strange though it may seem, we still have substantial faith in the essential honesty and goodwill of most people. Nevertheless, we are also well past the stage where we think everybody is a suitable candidate for beatification and sainthood. Transgressions range from an innocent mistake, through the mischievous, right up to the downright deliberate swindle. Few as they are, we have to handle them all.

Unacceptable Auctions:

Dealing with prohibited auctions, (see Terms & Conditions page), such as those offering items from the dangerous (firearms, weapons, adult material and medical products) right through to the socially unacceptable and downright insalubrious, can be tricky.

The dilemma:

Not unreasonably, sellers want to see their auctions published as soon as possible. But this conflicts with the weeding out of those few auctions which transgress the Terms & Conditions - or even basic good-taste. So that your auctions do not have to be sanctioned and approved by us before being published, we have adopted a policy of community self-policing.

The solution:

If you see an auction you feel is unacceptable, let us know as soon as possible. On every auction detail-page is a link (bottom right) to send us an email detailing the problem. We will respond to these emails very quickly. We will make a judgement, and if we agree with the complaint, we will close and remove the auction immediately.

Other Unacceptables:

The complaint email link is not just for below-par auctions. Use it if you feel you have been subjected to unfair behaviour by either Sellers or Bidders. A typical example for a Sellers would be if their winning bidder refused to complete the transaction without just cause. An example for Bidders might be if a Seller unfairly withdrew an auction after it had been won and closed because the Seller felt the final bid was not high enough.

Let us know, and we will arbitrate as fairly and independently as we can. We are not blessed with the wisdom of Solomon, but we recognise and will not hesitate to deal with, unreasonable or unacceptable behaviour. Transgressors will initially be cautioned; repeat offenders will be shut out of the system.